The Brisbane skyline will come alive with explosions of colour during the Riverfire event. It has become Queensland’s largest annual public celebration.

Brigitte O’Brien reports.


Riverfire is the signature sign off for The Brisbane festival.

And eleven tonnes of fireworks, will mark the close of the event and most likely leave spectators in awe.

David Berthold, Brisbane Festival Artistic Director: “Some new fireworks we haven’t used before, some whistling fireworks, that actually make quite a loud sound and so we are looking forward to that. Also some new activity on the water, as well that I think will surprise people.”

Local businesses are prepping for a big night, with more than half a million people expected to watch on from Brisbane’s best vantage points.

Myley, Bar Spritz Supervisor: “We are expecting a a very big crowd, it always is, very big. It’s Brisbane Festival it’s gonna be huge.”

Visitors and residents should plan ahead.

There’ll be road, bridge and river closures, affecting Brisbane City and surrounding areas.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “Public transport is the recommended way to go, there will be more buses, trains and ferries, so look at the translink website for details.”

Organisers say it shouldn’t be missed.

If you haven’t had the chance to get involved, why not book yourself a Riverfire and kayak tour, to enjoy the incredible firework display from the comfort of your very own kayak.

Brigitte O’Brien, QUT News.