As petrol prices skyrocket more than 40,000 Australians have indicated they’ll boycott petrol stations next month. The one day National Fuel Strike is being organised by a Bundaberg woman.

Alex Brewster reports.


It has come to a head.

Consumers are apparently fed up with being ripped off at the petrol pump.

Vox pops: “I’ve got five kids, there’s a lot of shopping, so I would get a lot of it. They’re ridiculously high mate, I can only afford to get half a tank at the moment.”

Bundaberg local Sabrina Lamont has decided to take action, calling on Aussies to avoid filling up on the 26th of next month to protest rising fuel prices.

She wants to continue the protest every month until prices drop.

The average fuel price in Brisbane is this week $1.53 a litre, but you may have to drive a long way to find that.

The Consumer Watchdog agrees prices are too high.

Rod Sims, ACCC Chairman: “Are consumers being ripped off? You bet they are.”

The RACQ however isn’t so sure about the idea of a one day boycott.

It believes motorists should simply shop around and not buy at stations with excessively high prices.

Alex Brewster, QUT News.