Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has launched another scathing attack on supermarket giant Aldi, calling them secretive. He’s blamed the company for the failure of his own business.

Ysabelle Alesna reports.


Dick Smith has announced the end of his Australian-made groceries group blaming the low-cost supermarket Aldi for its demise.

In a video posted on his website, Mr Smith accuses the supermarket of being secretly un-Australian.

Dick Smith Australian Entrepreneur: “Remember Aldi hasn’t come to Australia as a charity to help us. It’s primarily about sucking wealth out of our country.”

Mr Smith claims that unlike Aldi, he’s tried to save and provide jobs for young Australians.

Dick Smith, Australian Entrepreneur: “They’ve worked out a way of sacking Australians or not putting them on in the first place. So more money can be made by the owners.”

Mr Smith also argues that Aldi sources most of its produce from lower international producers instead of local farmers.

Dick Smith, Australian Entrepreneur: “They have no loyalty to Australia, for example, their peanut butter, it comes from South America where farmers are paid subsistence wages and once again we lose out.”

Clearly upset by Aldi’s impact on the market, Mr Smith has written to the owners, demanding to know their plans for Australia.

Dick Smith, Australian Entrepreneur: “I wrote this letter.”

The German supermarket was recently voted as the most trusted brand in Australia, beating Qantas and Bunnings. Aldi has rejected Smith’s accusations.

Ysabelle Alesna, QUT News.