Have you ever heard of Powerchair football? The national championships are underway at the moment and there’s plenty of entertaining action.

Rebecca Durrant reports.


Teams from all over Australia and New Zealand have travelled to Brisbane for the Powerchair National Championships.

A fast and frenetic footy game with electric wheelchairs.

The Queensland Cyclones have won the title twice before and want it again.

Bryce Castles,¬†Queensland Cyclone Centre: “We’re hoping to get three in a row, it’s a bit more pressure being at home as well, so I’m hoping we get there.”

It’s a fiercely competitive sport that provides opportunity for community involvement, and fun for those with disabilities.

Tristam Peters, Queensland Cyclones Winger: “I think the only important thing for people with disabilities is that they’re given the opportunities like everyone else to play sport, so Powerchair Football is an amazing, inclusive sport that brings everyone in so they compete at an equal footing.”

Queensland beat New South Wales this morning.

Now they’re focused on the finals.

Powerchair Football has grown rapidly, so fast that teams hope to take the sport, to the Paralympics.

They’re keen to compete at that level by 2028.

Rebecca Durrant, QUT News.