Brisbane City Council has bowed to public pressure and changed some of its plans for the new Metro system. Cyclists will now have some access.

Ysabelle Alesna reports.


Brisbane council reacted to objections from Bicycle Queensland and has now made provision for cyclists in the Metro lanes over the Victoria Bridge.

The new plan will include three lanes for Metro and bus services and a new lane for cyclists, as well as pedestrian walkways.

The Lord mayor says it’s a great outcome.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “It’s about creating more opportunities for services out across the suburbs of Brisbane, so that everybody benefits from Metro. Not just those along Metro corridors.”

Council received some angry feedback to the original concept demanding something more than just bus lanes.

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “We have listened to those concerns and made sure this plan provides a true green bridge outcome.”

Bicycle Queensland says the project will revolutionise city travel.

Anne Savage, Bicycle Queensland CEO: “Bicycle Queensland strongly advocated for this solution and we firmly believe it’s the answer all commuters need.”

The local Federal member was keen to point out the Commonwealth’s $300 million contribution to the project.

Trevor Adams, Federal Member: “It’s projects like this that will ensure the residents of Brisbane can be home sooner rather than later and be spending time with their loved ones at home.”

With both the council and cyclist confident that the revised plan will suit pedestrians, construction can start in 2020.

Ysabelle Alesna, QUT News.