A tiny island in Moreton Bay has hosted a big meeting to address serious issues affecting the community. It was the culmination of weeks of consultation for those seeking a brighter future for their island home.

Brigitte O’Brien reports.


It’s a forty minute drive and short ferry ride to get to Southern Moreton Bay Islands but for residents, the mainland can seem like a world away.

Today, all levels of Government, key service providers, and community groups met to determine how residents can more easily access support services found on the mainland.

Karen Williams, Redland City Council Mayor: “We are hearing that frustration and obviously we need a unique model to make sure that people can have access to the services that other Australians across all cities have access to.”

Workshops have been held over the past eight weeks to define how the community can drive change.

Jan Elston, Resident: “I am hoping we get change for the better. I’m hoping we get funding where we need it. Service providers, residents of all the islands and government, working together better than ever before.”

The biggest problems have been a lack of support, particularly for domestic and family violence, mental health, addiction, aged care and youth engagement.

Today’s discussions have created an air of enthusiasm among residents who call these islands home. All levels of government will work with the island community to build on its existing strengths and promote growth, a step in the right direction for the future of these islands.

Brigitte O’Brien, QUT News.