Queensland drivers be warned. Police are getting even tougher on speeding with new cameras at high-risk intersections state-wide.

Cynthia Taylu reports.


The introduction of the specialized speed cameras comes after a spike in vehicle crashes around the inner suburbs.

Mike Keating, Assistant Commissioner Road Policing Command: “As of today we’ll be activating a series of these sights around the state, so you will see them in places like Southeast Queensland and you’ll see them in places like Ipswich and Gympie.”

The Queensland Government says many drivers think they can get away with speeding through the amber lights in the hopes of not getting stuck at a red light.

Mike Keating, Assistant Commissioner Road Policing Command: “Some sites we see a very high rate of non-compliance with either there’s a speed requirement or the new red traffic control signal of these locations.”

The red light speed camera will detect motorists who disobey the red traffic light and those who speed through the intersection as well as green and amber lights.

These new combined red light speed cameras will reduce travel speeds at high-risk intersections and operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The cameras can be located on Old Logan Road, Logan River Road, Mount Gravatt-Capalaba Road, Warwick Road, Bruce Highway and Cunningham Highway.

Police say the new red lights speed cameras are not revenue raisers and all motorists have to do is stick to the speed limit

The Queensland Government wants drivers to know where these cameras are placed so there are no surprises.

It is essential for road users to comply with the registered and regulated speed limit in order to create safer roads for Queenslanders.

Cynthia Taylu, QUT News.