Brisbane’s most exclusive restaurants are coming together for a good cause. Five venues are uniting for one night to fight hunger.

Alex Brewster reports.


This is the third year for the ‘One Night in Havana’ fundraiser.

It gives patrons the chance to sample several different cuisines.

In return, profits from the night go to Queensland’s largest food relief organisation, Foodbank.

Michael Rose, Foodbank CEO: “Its a fantastic event, it’s well liked by all people who attend, it’s a great fun night, and the foods fabulous, French champagne, fantastic cocktails. What’s not to like?”

The participating chefs want to raise awareness that hunger is widespread.

Javier Codina, Moda Chef/Owner: “Food is not about sophistication, food is something we have to do every day, three times a day and unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there that they’re not able to do these things.”

To bring that message home, the event – on World Food Day – will be at Foodbank’s warehouse and use the fresh produce housed there.

Michael Conrad, Owner of Newstead Brewing Co: “When you’ve seen what’s in the warehouse and how far-reaching their influence is, I really love the idea of more people knowing about what they do.”

Foodbank helps over 150,000 Queenslanders a month and tickets to the event cost $150, with all proceeds going to the charity.

Alex Brewster, QUT News.