Australian filmmaker James Ricketson is home after spending more than a year in a Cambodian prison. He was pardoned just weeks after a trial judge handed down a 6-year sentence for alleged espionage.

Kendyl Bailey reports.


He was found guilty of compromising Cambodia’s national defense after flying a drone over an opposition protest rally in June of last year.

But last week, James Ricketson received an official, royal pardon for the spying conviction that brought him a six-year prison term.

The filmmaker is happy to be back home in Sydney, but says he will be returning to Cambodia at some stage.

James Ricketson, Filmmaker: “Spend some time by myself and some time with my family, but yeah, I will be going back.”

Bim Ricketson, James’ Nephew: “He’s so happy. And so happy to be back. And so, you know, grateful to have his freedom.”

After 15 months in a Phnom Penh prison, Mr Ricketson is longing for the simple things and most looking forward to an ocean swim.

Kendyl Bailey, QUT News.