The latest Newspoll shows the Federal government is still behind Labor, but the new Prime Minister has boosted its chances at the next election. The Coalition’s primary vote has risen two points and Labor has dropped three points.

Dainya Odgaard reports.


It’s good news for the Liberal party but not enough to leave them in power if an election was held now.

Labor is still leading on 54 percent on a two-party preferred basis.

Nevertheless despite his controversial rise as Prime Minister the poll shows Scott Morrison’s personal vote is well ahead of Bill Shorten.

But Labor attacked the coalition anyway.

Tanya Plibersek, Acting Opposition Leader: “This is a party that is consumed by itself, by its own self-interest, its own focus on the next election.”

Former Minister now backbencher Julie Bishop has also been critical, but of the whole parliament.

She says Australia is seen as the world ‘coup capital’ and believes the instability has turned the country into an international laughing stock.

Julie Bishop, Liberal MP: “There’s far too much throwing of insults and vicious behaviour- name calling and the like. And the public see that as no better than school children, in fact not as well behaved as school children.”

If current trends continue the coalition is set to lose more than a dozen seats in the next election.

Dainya Odgaard, QUT News.