Despite the blitz on speeding Brisbane has some of the slowest traffic in the country. The city’s busiest roads are clogging up more in peak hour and there’s no easy fix.

Liam Clarkson reports.


The RACQ’s latest travel time report shows congestion in Brisbane is much worse.

Average speeds down up to 20% from 12 months ago.

Lucinda Ross, RACQ: “Just outrageous to think you can nearly walk faster than what some of these roads are going.”

Average speed here in peak hour, just 16 kilometres an hour.

Tied for second slow-coach place: Coro Drive and Kelvin Grove Road, at 20ks an hour.

The RACQ report found the average speed on Brisbane’s thirty-eight key roads dropped from forty-two to just thirty-five kilometres per hour over the last year.

They say Brisbane’s roads need to be upgraded urgently to handle its booming population.

The Lord Mayor says travel times will improve when major upgrades like Kingsford Smith Drive are completed.

But Opposition Transport Spokesman, Jared Cassidy, says the more investment is needed.

Jared Cassidy, Council Opposition: “So here in Brisbane, our bus network is stuck on the same congested roads that cars are. So what we need is more dedicated, separated public transport infrastructure, like busways, like new rail lines.”

Lucinda Ross, RACQ: “People really need to have these quicker travel times and part of that is road investment. That’s what we need to see but also investment in public transport and active transport.”

Liam Clarkson, QUT News.