One of Queensland’s most colourful characters, a journalist and animal welfare activist, is telling his life story, no holds barred. Michael Beatty has detailed his journey from English theatre to daring TV reporter, including his work saving animals.

Isla Stanich reports.


Friends say Michael is one of a kind.

Tracey Jackson: “I guess I’ve come to know a truly remarkable person – smart, gorgeous, witty, with an inner strength and almost saint-like qualities.”

Laughter has certainly been a keystone of Michael’s journey as a reporter Which he says forms the backbone of his book.

Michael Beattie: “It was all meant to be the sillier working stuff rather than the purely political stuff.”

He’s been writing for most of his life, and has plenty of stories to tell.

Like, why he did a piece to camera sitting on a crocodile or have a piece of chalk shot out of his mouth.

Michael Beattie: “There have been some pretty stupid things, I was told I had nine lives and I reckon I’ve used about five of them.”

And there’s a secret to being a master story-teller.

Those who know Michael well say one of his greatest strengths as a journalist and in animal welfare has always been his ability to relate to the common man and woman and what interests them.

It’s not just people.

Michael has a deep affection for animals, which is why one dollar from or every paperback sale goes to RSPCA Queensland.

‘Off the Beatty Track,’ is in bookstores next month.

Isla Stanich, QUT News.