The Federal Government’s announcement of billions of dollars for Independent schools has already been rejected by some states. Those opposed say it’s a vote buying exercise, favouring wealthy private schools over the public system.

Chris Smith reports.


The Prime Minister’s announcement on new school funding has ignited a war of words.

He wants to deliver a $4.5 billion package over ten years for catholic and independent schools.

It comes after months of consultation with the Catholic Education Commission and Independent Schools Council of Australia.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “More money for state schools, more money for non-state schools, more money for independent schools, more money for catholic schools.”

But many critics are scathing about the proposal.

They argue it strips money from Australia’s public schools.

Anthony Albanese, Shadow Minister for Transport & Infrastructure: “No one seems to know how it’s going to be allocated or what it’s for, it’s been described as a slush fund.”

New South Wales Education Minister, Rob Stokes says he won’t accept it.

He claims the proposal pits private schools against public schools.

Nevertheless The Prime Minister argues the funding model was recommended by the National School Resourcing Board.

Chris Smith, QUT News.