The man in charge of Brisbane’s biggest development project says it’s both a challenge and a joy to work on what will be a major tourist attraction. Simon Crooks spoke to QUT students about the new Queens Wharf and the significance to the city.

Rhys Court reports.


QUT students were learning from a master.

Simon Crooks is the senior developer of the Queen’s Wharf project, an audacious design featuring a 6-star resort, fine dining and several retail complexes.

And he’s determined to bring positive change to the city.

Simon Crooks, Senior Developer Queen’s Wharf: “You’ll see a lot more activity at night and during the day, and probably a lot more tourists which has a flow on business activity and shopping.”

The project will boost tourism, but planners want it to have a local feel as well.

Simon Crooks, Senior Developer Queen’s Wharf: “We want people in it. They will see you’ve got the opportunity to come off George Street, flow right through the integrated resort, go down onto Williams Street, enjoy that amazing Pork Au Jus and then flow down onto Brisbane steps onto the river and all the activity there.”

Accessibility will also be improved in surrounding areas, with upgrades to the Bicentennial Bikeway and Goodwill Bridge.

There will also be a brand new pedestrian bridge that will connect Queen’s Wharf to the cultural centre.

Construction is well under way and by 2022 people will cross the river via a new foot bridge right here, and access Brisbane’s newest, state-of-the-art entertainment precinct.

Queen’s Wharf promises 2,000 jobs for construction workers, and plenty more in the hospitality industry once the precinct is finished.

Rhys Court, QUT News.