The RSPCA has vowed to take action after a disturbing video emerged online. It showed a man deliberately driving over emus killing at least 10 of the native birds.

Susan Li reports.


The video was posted to Facebook by Fabio Galletti.

Urging people to help identify the alleged emu killer, RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Michael Beatty is absolutely disgusted by the footage showing a man driving over at least 10 emus at high speed.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA: “You know, we just don’t understand how anyone can find mowing down any animal, let alone a native animal, funny. It isn’t funny. And you know, it’s very disturbing on a number of levels.”

OUT WORDS: number of levels.

The alleged offender’s face can be seen in the video.

The RSPCA describes the action as sickening cruelty which has no place in society.

Michael Beatty, RSPCA: “Well, it just shows a complete disregard for a living creature. I mean, it’s not just one emu that he knocks down. I mean, one is just the beginning. And then he just seems to get more and more excited and more and more delighted.”

If found guilty of animal cruelty, the man could face up to seven years in jail.

The RSPCA has vowed to pursue the matter through the courts.

Susan Li, QUT News.