Brisbane is in for a sweet treat, a hundred volunteers are gearing up to sell the Ekka’s famous strawberry sundaes. The pop-up store in King George Square will help farmers regain hope, and save the massive waste of strawberries.

Madison Brown reports.


They’re as delicious, as they are helpful.

Ten thousand of The Ekka’s famous strawberry sundaes will be made and sold by volunteers on Wednesday.

Michael Hornby, Foundation CEO: “Stop talking about the negative, stop talking about the sabotage, and start talking about getting things right.”

The farmers have been brought to their knees by the sewing needle sabotage scandal.

Michael Hornby, Foundation CEO: “For most they’re trying to get on the best they can, you can understand the trauma that many of them are going through.”

Vox 1: “After 30 years of helping scientists out in research, we’d love to give something back to the farmers so this is our thanks to them.”

Even Ekka officials have happily agreed to release the highly sought after recipe in support of the cause.

Michael Hornby, Foundation CEO: “The support’s been phenomenal, you know from the council, from government, from supporters and from suppliers. Everyone is dropping everything to come together, as a show of solidarity and support for the strawberry growing industry.”

Today the Premier visited a strawberry farm, offering her support and encouraging people to buy and eat the fruit once more.

Mascot Strawberry Sally will help attract crowds to the pop up store.

It’s hoped thousands of city workers will come down, buy a sundae and help support Queensland Strawberry Farmers. High Five Sally!

Vox 2: “We’re hoping to sell 10,000 strawberry sundaes over the 6am to 6pm, so lots of yummy strawberries, lots of ice cream and lots of fun.”

All proceeds will go to the Strawberry Growers Association, for distribution to affected farmers.

Madison Brown, QUT News.