The debate over a new name for Lady Cilento hospital has ended. It’s to be known as the Queensland Children’s Hospital. But there’s anger over the half million dollar cost of the exercise. And it’s a bitter pill, for members of the Cilento family to swallow.

Tim Lofthouse reports.


Health Minister, Steven Miles, met with staff and doctors before the announcement, and many were happy to see the change.

Dr Ben Whitehead, Medical Staff Association President: “We’d like to thank the minister and the government for listening to the views of the medical staff and other staff here at the hospital.”

The government acted because there was apparently confusion over whether the hospital was a public or private one.

It first put the issue to a vote.

Steven Miles, Queensland Health Minister: “Of all the public consultation processes I’ve been involved with, I’ve never seen a response like this one, 38,000 people.”

Nevertheless, the Cilento family isn’t happy about the change, and members believe it affects Lady Cilento’s image.

David Cilento, Lady Cilento’s Son: “There’s no better way, in my opinion, or no worse way of permanently damaging a person’s reputation then publicly expunging her name from a building.”

They say Lady Phyllis Cilento was a pioneer for medical practice not just in Queensland, but world-wide, and deserved the honour.

It’s estimated the cost to rebrand the Children’s Hospital will exceed $500,000.

The LNP has slammed today’s move, saying that that’s money that could be better spent.

Tim Mander, LNP: “This process has been a sham from the very beginning, and another example of the Palaszczuk Labor government wasting taxpayers money.”

The full re-renaming process is expected to take several months.

Tim Lofthouse, QUT News.