An Islamic group south of Brisbane, is helping boost blood supplies at the Red Cross. Their donation drive is all about strengthening community ties.

Nicole Wong reports.


One after another, members of the Islamic Shia Council rolled up their sleeves, to donate blood to the Red Cross.

Public: “It’s my pleasure to save, try to save someone’s live.”

It’s a community gesture, helping change perceptions of Muslims in Brisbane.

Ahsan Assadi, Volunteer: “Well this is one of the best thing which we can say that which really can change lots of thinking for not only Muslims but for our people actually.”

The Council has been organising these blood donation days with the Red Cross since 2014.

Ahsan Assadi, Volunteer: “Concept of this thing is that just to save lives not for Muslims but we are trying to save the lives of a lot of our Australian brothers and sisters.”

Ahsan Assadi was inspired to help, after meeting with other community members.

Wes, Volunteer: “We are aiming for 100 donations so in the seven hours we will hope to get to a hundred which essentially save the lives of three hundred people.”

Donating blood may seem a little scary, but every day it saves thousands of lives. The Islamic Shia Council hopes its member can join this blood donation campaign.

Already over 100 Muslims have donated blood to the program, in the past four years.

Nicole Wong, QUT News.