So-called “food terrorists” now face between 10 to 15 years behind bars. Parliament passed the tough new penalties in less than four hours.

Madison Brown reports.


The tougher penalties were rushed into the House today.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “No one goes home until those bills are passed, and I think that will send a very clear message.”

Around Australia, authorities are now investigating 100 cases of fruit tampering.

Most are believed to be hoaxes.

But Woolworths is taking no chances.

Today, removing all sewing needles from their shelves as a safety precaution.

Coles has indicated it has no intention to do the same.

The Prime Minister promises anyone caught tampering with fruit, will be punished accordingly.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “I’m just focused on making sure no idiot goes into a supermarket this weekend and does something ridiculous.”

Farmers believe the new legislation will help the industry get back on its feet.

And there is promising news.

Since footage of strawberry piles being dumped supermarket sales are up and people are reportedly lining up at farms wanting to buy fresh fruit.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud says “the one thing people can do better than government is go and buy strawberries.”

Madison Brown, QUT News.