Construction began today on south-east Queensland’s newest university campus. It will provide much-needed opportunities for young people in one of our fastest growing corridors.

Chris Smith reports.


Today, drilling began on the new University of Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay campus.

It’s the first stage in building the ground-breaking world-class university in Petrie, north of Brisbane.

Alan Sutherland, Moreton Bay Mayor: “This is great for the young people of this region to have a fully fledged university in Moreton Bay Region, which has been the missing link in one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.”

Stage one of the campus is a $121 million project to anchor a vibrant, transit-linked civic, cultural, and business precinct that will have it all.

Greg Baumann, Queensland State Manager, Hansen Yuncken: “Teaching facilities, lecture theatres, interactive tutorial spaces, as well as food and beverages, carparking and library facilities.”

It’s an exciting day for the region that’s been a long time coming.

Alan Sutherland, Moreton Bay Mayor: “Something that is way overdue, but, we won’t dwell in the past because today is all about the future.”

In 2 years time this will be the home for 1200 students and eight faculties with 10,000 students to be enrolled here by the year 2030.

The project is expected to create 6,000 jobs in the first 10 years.

Chris Smith, QUT News.