Brisbane now boasts a new facility for adrenaline sports. The multi-million dollar B-M-X track is expected to be a hit with families.

Tim Lofthouse reports.


The first riders took to the Bracken Ridge track this morning giving the brand new world-class facility the thumbs up.

The Lord Mayor hopes to reclaim action-sports enthusiasts following the great success of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Graham Quirk, Lord Mayor: “This takes it to a whole new level, to create another real lesiure and lifestyle opportunity for the young people in particular in our city, and those not so young, who want to get out and enjoy it.”

Designed by a specialist team in conjunction with professional riders the 600-metre asphalt track is the first of it’s kind in Queensland.

It’s designed to challenge riders of every ability allowing them to jump to their heart’s content.

Chris Berton, Professional Rider: “It’s got enough variety that it’s got something for everyone, so you can start, you’ve got some kids here on strada bikes so you can start rolling around on that and then you’ve got guys like myself who’ve been riding for almost twenty years who can have a bit of fun, crack around it at full pace as well.”

The track is expected to draw riders from all over Brisbane and become a tourist attraction for the city’s north.

Cr Amanda Cooper, Brisbane City Council: “It is an outstanding new piece of public asset for everyone to enjoy, and for us all to keep fit and active.”

Today’s opening is set to ramp up the attraction factor for Queensland’s two-wheeled enthusiasts, and the Lord Mayor hopes the track will put the city on the map for international BMX competitions in the future.

It might even lead some of these young, aspiring riders to the Olympics.

Tim Lofthouse, QUT News.