Police are warning Queenslanders to be wary of card skimming after seizing fake ATM covers in what they say is the latest racket. A foreign student has been charged with 61 card skimming offences across Brisbane.

James Kleeman reports.


Allegedly caught with his hand in the till.

This man, a Brazilian-born French national, was arrested in July after a raid on his Spring Hill apartment.

It’s claimed he had all the ingredients needed for card skimming.

Police say it’s a Queensland first.

Supt Peter Brewer, Queensland Police: “The significance of this, it’s the first time in Queensland we’ve seen the use of a deep-insert skimming device.”

Deep-insert skimming, police say, is a more advanced device, and one that is completely hidden from ATM users.

Detective Sarah Boniface, Queensland Police: “The deep-insert skimmer actually goes into that slot where you put your card, and you won’t see anything, visually, externally on the ATM.”

Police will allege 11 banks have lost money from the skimming to the tune of about $60,000.

In the meantime, police are warning people to stay especially vigilant when using ATMs, and to report anything suspicious to Crime Stoppers.

Supt Peter Brewer, Queensland Police: “Be very aware of your surroundings, and take extra diligence in covering up the pinpad when you are putting your pin number in the ATM.”

The alleged offender appeared in court this morning and will reappear next month.

James Kleeman, QUT News.