The fruit sabotage crisis continues to worry government. The Prime Minister has labelled the perpetrators “cowards and grubs” and joined Queensland in offering a one million dollar assistance package to growers.

Chris Smith reports.


Today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced urgent new laws to increase the penalty for contaminating food from 10 to 15 years.

After the initial scare spread fear across the country, there have been copycat attacks and false alarms.

So the commonwealth has also announced a one million dollar package to help the industry recover.

Bridget McKenzie, Regional Services Minister: “Increasing our confidence in the food safety, to fastrack recalls when their requrested from state and territory governments and also increase detection.”

Queensland’s premier has called the contamination an ugly, calculated and despicable crime.

Anastacia Palaszczuk has already announced an industry grant of one million dollars and a reward of one hundred thousand for an arrrest.

One hundred police in Queensland have been tasked with hunting down those responsible.

Today, social media has been swamped with people showing solidarity with growers.

They’re sharing recipes and encouraging consumers to keep buying.

Chris Smith, QUT News.