Prime Minister Scott Morrison maintains bullying is not an issue within the Liberal party despite the resignation of yet another female Liberal MP. Backbencher Anne Sudmalis will quit politics at the next election, blaming “branch-stacking, undermining and leaks”.

James Kleeman reports.


A simpler time: “See how popular you are?”

Anne Sudmalis has called it quits on the Libs claiming to be the victim of vicious branch-stacking in her New South Wales seat of Gilmore.

Her resignation has ignited further speculation of bullying and intimidation within the party.

Anne Sudmalis, Outgoing Liberal MP: “It was about ego-driven ambition, bullying and betrayal, and my local position is completely untenable.”

Ms Sudmalis has levelled most of her accusations at State MP Gareth Ward.

Anne Sudmalis, Outgoing Liberal MP: “This was all about Gareth’s narcissistic revenge, planned and plotted, I have decided that enough is enough.”

Gareth Ward says “I’m sorry Ms Sudmalis feels the way she does. I deny the claims made and don’t believe they can be substantiated outside of Parliament.”

The PM remains unconcerned by the allegations.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “Politics is a pretty rough business, we all know that.”

Ms Sudmalis’ resignation adds to the mounting pressure facing the Coalition ahead of the next election.

Her withdrawal severely diminishes the chances of the party holding on to her seat, and thus, holding onto government.

James Kleeman, QUT News.