Brisbane City Council has unveiled a blockbuster program set to make a splash with the kids this school holidays. It features more than 500 free and low-cost activities for children of all ages.

Daniele Antonaglia reports.


There’s nothing Queensland kids love more than to splash around in the pool. And public pools are ready for a wave of school students thanks to a new council initiative.

Brisbane’s 22 council pools will be open for longer hours with special events, games and activities over the holidays.

Jay Clarke, Management Centenary Pool: “Across our seven Brisbane venues we do everything from movie nights, to birthday parties and large inflatables in the pool.”

Deputy Mayor Adrian Schrinner is urging parents to take advantage of the free and low-cost program.

Adrian Schrinner, Deputy Mayor: “Parents who are wondering what to do with the kids on the school holidays, don’t worry, council has it covered.”

There’s plenty of fun to be had outside of the pool as well, with activities including abseiling, computer coding and even pizza making, sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.

It’s all part of council’s strong focus on keeping kids active and involved in activities away from their devices.

Cr Peter Matic, Lifestyle and Community Services Chairman: “It’s about getting out there, getting your hands dirty, getting more involved learning new things, but being able to do it in a really fun way.”

Check the Brisbane City Council website for details of what’s happening in your local area.

Daniele Antonaglia, QUT News.