A powerful message today, about the tragedy of the fruit sabotage saga. A Queensland farming family released a video of them dumping their entire strawberry stock. The State Government has announced financial help for growers but it may be too little, too late.

Zakary Nash reports.


Another devastating blow for already struggling growers.

Months of work buried.

Stephanie Chheang, shared this video on social media.

It quickly went viral within hours, it had more than a million views.

In an emotional message Stephanie said that the crop was worth more than you could ever imagine.

She said her parents work hard to support their family and to lose everything in this way, was just so upsetting.

Instances of deliberate fruit contamination now stretch across all States and continue to shatter the entire supply chain.

Some growers are even installing metal detectors to guarantee safety for consumers.

Premier Palaszczuk has announced one million dollars in funding to boost consumer confidence and help growers for the remainder of the season.

She says farmers are already under pressure from their banks and urges all financial institutions to act with compassion.

And today a new twist to the fruit crisis.

A Sydney mother discovered a needle in apples, while she prepared her children’s school lunches.

Carmelo, mother: “I just thought, wow, this can’t possibly be happening, not in apples. I actually thought these were safe. My kids just grab them and just bite into apples normally.”

The Pink Lady apples were purchased at a local supermarket.

Police continue to investigate but at this stage they have little to identify those responsible.

Zakary Nash, QUT News.