Women’s NRL Premiership front runners, the Brisbane Broncos, are gearing up for the game that could cement their perfect season. The Broncos women’s side will play in Melbourne this Friday against the New Zealand Warriors, and they’re hoping to walk away with a convincing win.

Madison Brown reports.


Their love of footy knows no bounds and now, the Brisbane Broncos women’s side is pegged as the favourite in the clash against the Warriors.

They’re pumped to be the only Queensland team heading into an NRL Final.

Teuila Fotu-Moala, Broncos: “The only Queensland team, I think it’s awesome because the whole of Queensland gets behind you.”

Back rower Teuila Fotu-Moala is expecting a big challenge.

Teuila Fotu-Moala, Broncos: “We know how they play. They’re a physical side and a big side too and we’re hoping to match them this weekend.”

As a former New Zealand league player, she couldn’t speak highly enough of her opposition.

Teuila Fotu-Moala, Broncos: “Mixed feelings, but still I’ve got a soft spot for my friends, that’s all off the field, on the field, I’m for the Broncos.”

Ahead of a tough match Fotu-Moala’s encouraging words and genuine love of the game, could be just what the team needs to score the win.

Teuila Fotu-Moala, Broncos: “You know, I think if we had one or two people in the crowd up to the thousands, I’d still love playing.”

There’s no doubt Friday’s game will be a big one with support already soaring for the Brisbane girls who are more determined than ever to bring home the coveted trophy.

Madison Brown, QUT News.