Tennis star John Millman is coming back to his home town, to compete at the Brisbane International, early next year. The 29-year-old made world headlines a fortnight ago, when he beat Roger Federer in the US Open.

Nicole Wong reports.


One hundred days before the tournament starts, Brisbane boy John Millman has confirmed he will start his 2019 season in his home town. Organisers are excited to have such a big name as a drawcard.

Mark Handley, Brisbane International: “We are thrilled to have John coming back and playing his home town tournament start this year.”

Millman has plenty of fans here, and is considered one of Queensland’s favourite sons.

Mark Handley, Brisbane International: “He’s humble and grounded he works hard and he leaves it all there in the tennis court all attributes are key to enjoy and being successful the game of tennis.”

The crowd should expect some top serves from the man who forced Roger Federer out of the US Open.

Mark Handley, Brisbane International: “They gonna expect the same type of stuff from John and get right behind him and wish him all the wealth for a great Brisbane International in 2019.”

It’s empty now, but in January, this arena will be sold out, as thousands of fans enjoy the chance to see the man who beat Roger Federer.

Pre-sale members’ tickets are available from today, single session tickets will go on sale next month.

Nicole Wong, QUT News.