Australia’s major research think-tank, CSIRO, is unveiling its latest technology at the ‘Data 61 Live’ event in Brisbane. The free, two-day event explores the future of robotics, information technology and more.

Rhys Court reports.


Experts from across Australia are gathering at Brisbane Convention Centre to show off their latest creations.

Ben Sorensen, CSIRO: “We have AI displays, robotics displays, information around machine learning, cybersecurity privacy, really key issues which are affecting our society today.”

There’s an impressive variety of new ideas from bionic eyes to augmented reality and new predictive sports science technology for athletes.

The sheer volume of futuristic ideas is mind-blowing.

CSIRO are leading the world in technology innovation. This device emits more than 1000 lasers per second, and create a map like this in under a minute.

It’s being used to guide self-driving cars and could even help rescue crews locate survivors in emergencies.

But it’s not just robotics moving forward scientists are also working on improving quality of life for the elderly by analysing the way the human body moves.

Matthew Harrison, Senior Research Scientist: “So if we can understand how patterns of movement are indicators of future problems, we can potentially intervene earlier and improve their quality of life.”

You can see the future of science in Australia on display at the Convention Centre until tomorrow afternoon.

Rhys Court, QUT News.