The newly announced royal commission into Australia’s aged care industry is under fire from within its own ranks. The Morrison Government’s Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt today said a royal commission is a waste of time and money.

Madison Brown reports.


The Prime Minister’s putting seniors first.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “We need to get on with this and we need to get on with it now. As the new Prime Minister it was one of the key things I though we needed to move ahead with.”

The Health Minister backed his boss up.

Greg Hunt, Health Minister: “It’s gone from two, to twenty-two, to sixty-two cases over the last three years.”

The inquiry is expected to look at the quality of both residential and home aged care.

But Mr Morrison may not even be Prime Minister when its outcome is known.

That’s not expected until the second half of next year well after when the next election is due.

Still on seniors, news that a popular drug predominantly taken by healthy people over 70 doesn’t help with their health.

Aspirin is taken to prevent heart attacks, strokes, cancer and dementia.

But the largest clinical trial in Australian history found aspirin doesn’t prevent any of these conditions and it can increase the likelihood of internal bleeding.

Dr Cindy Pan, General Practitioner: “It’s not a good idea to self-prescribe, but if you have a history of those conditions already, then it’s a good idea to continue it if you have been prescribed it.”

When in doubt, check with your doctor.

Madison Brown, QUT News.