Queensland drivers are being reminded of the dangers of low-level speeding, in a new road safety campaign. Research shows nearly half of all drivers regularly exceed the speed limit, by up to 10 kilometres an hour without realising the risks.

Chris Smith reports.


58 people are killed and 295 seriously injured in speed-related crashes on Queensland roads every year.

This campaign highlights the dangers of low-level speeding.

Clare Hunter, RACQ: “In fact, driver error is responsible for 90% of fatalities on the roads of that speeding is one of those big ticket items.”

‘Join the drive to save lives’ is a unique road safety initiative trying to change driver behaviour.

Clare Hunter, RACQ: “RACQ supports this speeding campaign we know that even if you go a few kilometres over the speed limit you are risking lives.”

The month long, extensive campaign includes television, radio and online ads along with outdoor billboards and social media.

Low level speeding is when drivers exceed the speed limit by up to 10km/h and 50 per cent of drivers admit to speeding of this nature.

One campaign ad brings home the reality of how dangerous just a few kilometres over the speed limit can be.

Clare Hunter, RACQ: “This isn’t something to just say oh this isn’t going to happen to me if I only go a few kilometers over the speed limit you are putting lives at risk and not only are you risking a fine you could risk killing someone.”

Chris Smith, QUT News.