The countdown is on to the biggest event of the year, for Queensland comic and gaming fans. Oz Comic-Con is about to kick off. Brisbane’s top ‘cosplayers’ and their four-legged friends took to the streets to launch the cult event.

Zakary Nash reports.


In a galaxy not so far away Queensland’s best cosplayers and their canine companions transformed into their pop-culture fantasy characters to launch Brisbane’s Oz Comic-Con.

These superheroes and villains big and small put aside their differences to celebrate the event at South Bank except for Harley Quinn’s pup who wasn’t impressed by Darth Vader.

The U-S franchise sensation turned world-wide science fiction phenomenon attracts hundreds-of-thousands of people each year including some you might not expect.

Batman, Bomb Technician: “I’m actually in the Royal Australian Airforce. I’m an armament technician, or explosive ordinence demolition technician; bomb disposal.

Self-confessed nerds and adoring science fiction fans come to meet the stars of their favourite TV shows and bask in a geek’s paradise.

Nevada Newman, Captain Marvel: “Looking forward to dressing up and seeing everyone in their cosplay.”

Some spend thousands making their costumes for months on end.

Tasharni Coralie, Harley_Quinn: “I spent six months on a costume once and it drove me crazy. I spent well over a thousand dollars. It’s not a cheap hobby but it’s fun.”

Colossal crowds in costume will flood the Convention Centre this weekend. Tickets are still available.

Zakary Nash, QUT News.