State and federal authorities met in Brisbane this afternoon, to plan for the busy Summer storm season. They’re looking at better ways to manage the natural disasters that can cause millions of dollars damage to Queensland homes and businesses, every year.

Daniele Antonaglia reports.


From bushfires and droughts to cyclones and floods, Queensland summers are known to bring extreme weather.

In preparation for the upcoming storm season, a range of authorities gathered in Brisbane to discuss the risks facing the State this summer.

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Craig Crawford says it’s vital to prepare for Queensland’s rapid extreme weather changes.

Craig Crawford, Emergency Services Minister: “We can go from dry areas to flooded areas literally inside of a day or two, it’s making sure that as a department and all departments that work with us on disasters are ready for that turn around to happen.”

Today’s brief looked at emergency responses from past seasons and predictions for this year.

The State Government will be closely monitoring weather conditions in the coming weeks to get a better idea of the season ahead, and help residents be better prepared.

Craig Crawford, Emergency Services Minister: “We’ve now already started work on what our upcoming wet season looks like as far as storms, cyclones and the like. We’re constantly getting the update form the bureau in relation to that.”

Authorities hope Queensland will be ready.

Daniele Antonaglia, QUT News.