Australia’s Southern states are battening down the hatches. Wild weather has lashed New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, with heavy rain, flooding and snow in some parts.

Teagan Matthews reports.


Flash flooding in Hobart, torrential rain in Melbourne, and a cold snap in New South Wales.

The result of a deepening low pressure system.

And people across the three states have been warned to take care.

In Hobart, record-breaking downpours manhandled cars and destroyed businesses.

Vox 1: “We were just parked up here, she’s rained down and our car landed here and it’s not starting.”

Vox 2: “I’ve never ever seen anything like it, it’s actually quite scary.”

Soaked hospitals have issued a code yellow meaning there is a significant internal emergency and schools are closed.

The clean up started this morning.

Vox 3: “Really salvaging whatever we can, the cars aren’t able to be moved until we assess the damage. They’ll eventually all be towed out of here.”

The unprecedented weather is keeping emergency services on their toes.

Leon Smith, State Emergency Service: “SES has received over 300 requests for assistance. So far we have attended to two-thirds of those requests.”

Meanwhile Melbourne copped a month’s worth of rain in one day.

BOM issuing a severe weather warning about the frigid wet weather set to continue in Victoria’s capital.

In New South Wales people are bearing the brunt of a cold front sweeping the south-east corridor.

But it’s not all bad, freezing temperatures have covered the alpine region in unseasonal amounts of snow.

Teagan Matthews, QUT News.