It’s a tough day at the office for some particularly those judging the Australian International Beer Awards. There were 2,000 entries from 40 countries.

Georgia Indian reports.


For many, craft beer judging would be their idea of a dream job, but for these experts, it’s a very serious responsibility.

Tina Panoutsos, Beer Judge: “I’ve got to pinch myself sometimes when I think about what I do, sometimes it’s hard to describe what you do, you taste beer for a living.”

Melissa Cole, Beer Judge: “We are looking for basically the pinnacle of brewing excellence.”

For judges tasting up to 60 beers a day, only small amounts of each entry can be consumed.

So for competitors looking to win, every frothy drop counts.

Apart from the swirling and sniffing that comes with each new round, the room is almost silent so when this harmonious clinking erupts, you know they’ve found a winner.

Judges score competitors on the beer’s scent, drinkability and aftertaste.

A gold medal at these awards can turn a small time Brewery into an Australian best seller so competition is tough and experts say the standard is only getting higher.

Tina Panoutsos, Beer Judge: “Every year they get better and better across the board.”

Georgia Indian, QUT News.