Labor Leader Bill Shorten has promised voters double the tax cuts of the coalition, but only in the short term. In his Budget Reply speech he slammed the government for taking aim at young and old Australians.

Lauren Reddiex reports.


Bill Shorten says that under a Labor economic plan students, hospitals and the elderly would get funding they deserve.

And he would give bigger tax cuts that take effect more immediately rather than over four to seven years.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “It is time for fair dinkum tax cuts for middle class and working class Australians.”

Mr Shorten slammed Coalition proposals.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “How on earth can it be fair Mr Speaker, for a nurse on $40,000 to pay the same tax rate as a doctor on $200,000.”

Instead he has pledged that Labor would almost double the Coalition cuts for middle class Australians to $928 a year.

The government is sceptical.

Malcolm Turbull, Prime Minister: “You cannot trust Bill Shorten and you cannot trust Labor with Australia’s money.”

But Mr Shorten says Labor can afford to do it because it won’t be giving tax cuts to corporations.

He is also pledging $2.8 billion for hospitals.

Schools, universities and TAFEs will get $17 billion.

And 100,000 TAFE students won’t face upfront fees.

Labor is also offering more to aged care and retail workers on weekend shifts.

Lauren Reddiex, QUT News.