The Federal government and a local Council are arguing over one of Birkdale’s last pieces of bushland. And a koala population is caught in the middle.

Daneka Hill reports.


This bushland is wanted by the council for a university and the federal government for housing.

It’s also a recognised koala conservation area.

Helen Murray, Koala Action Group: “Koalas would use the area as a very safe place, a very safe place because there are no through roads. It is a very safe place for them and all wildlife on there, it has been protected since forever.

Mrs Murray says claw marks on trees confirm the marsupial’s presence.

But there’s never been a complete survey to confirm numbers.

The local councillor says more information about the site’s history is needed.

Paul Bishop, Local Councillor: “The secrets on that site, we need to know what are they and we need professional to advise all levels of government and any commercial entities that are going to enter onto that site with plans for the future.”

Locals say the land is part of a chain of wilderness areas which are slowly being broken up by urban developments.

Helen Murray, Koala Action Group: “It would be a pity to destroy a large environment for for no good reason.”

It’s taken the threat of losing this land for residents to realise the benefit of this land.

The state government says it’ll oppose any plan to sell it.

Daneka Hill, QUT News.