Glamping – it’s camping with a touch of bling. And now it comes with wine as well.

Kaileigh Carew reports.


There are bush camping sites, island camping sites.

And then there’s camping in a winery.

That’s Sirromet wines latest venture and they call it “glamping”.

Terry Morris, Sirromet Winery Owner: “When you go inside and you see what the experience is, you’ll understand. It’s just a unique experience. It’s instant peace. It’s so different, the furniture is softer, the feeling is softer. It’s just a lovely, lovely experience.”

It’s jungle-vibed accommodation, including king beds, luxury linen and of course, wine.

Sirromet says it offers guests an escape with comfort.

Redlands Council already has approved another 36 tents, to be built within the next 12 months.

Michael de Brenni, ALP Springwood: “The glamping here is gonna create great opportunity for tourism and that in turn is gonna create employment here in this community.”

The development is surrounded by nature and wildlife.

It adds authenticity to the overall experience.

From coasts and hinterland to the Australian bush, glamping experiences are appearing everywhere with the word itself added to the Oxford Dictionary just just two years ago.

Now this is what I call camping. Cheers.

If you want to give glamping a go, you’ll be spending around $300 a night.

Get in quick and it could just be the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Kaileigh Carew, QUT News.