The tragic deaths of four children and three adults in Margaret River, Western Australia. They died on a farm, in what’s thought to be a murder suicide case.

Claire Boughey reports.


The property is remote and the details are still largely unknown.

Chris Dawson. WA Police Commissioner: “At about 5.15am this morning police were called to a rural property on the outskirts of this property in Margaret River. Police located seven persons deceased. Four children and three adults.”

But clearly it’s an horrific incident.

Chris Dawson, WA Police Commissioner: “Look I’ve described it as a tragedy, I don’t think any other words can further describe how tragic this is. The loss of any life is tragic but four children and three adults is a significant tragedy.”

Police fear it will have a lasting impact on the close knit rural community.

Chris Dawson, WA Police Commissioner: “We well understand these tragedies have a lasting impact. We’ll do as much as we can from a police investigation point of view. But importantly communities rally in such tragedies and I’m confident that the community will rally together.”

Homicide squad detectives are still investigating but don’t believe there’s any threat to the general public.

Chris Dawson, WA Police Commissioner: “There’s a priority to these investigations so we’ll immediately concentrate on the scene itself and as matters are further investigated naturally we will be asking anyone that knows anything about this matter to contact police.”

Claire Boughey, QUT News.