Federal Police have smashed an international drug syndicate with 200 kilos of Methamphetamine in Sydney. Incredibly it was found undisguised in plastic bags in suitcases.

Claire Boughey reports.


Police seized the drugs after searching cars and raiding a factory in Kingsgrove.

Two hundred kilos of Methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $150 million was found in almost plain sight, concealed only by plastic bags and suitcases.

This latest bust is part of a campaign to choke off the supply of drugs to Australians.

Det. SUPT, Steven Dametto: “We will continue to see drug seizures in the hundreds of kilograms as our partnerships in Australia and overseas strengthen.”

Three Hong Kong nationals were arrested during the bust and if found guilty could now face life in prison.

The haul will temporarily disrupt supplies, but police know the war on drugs won’t end soon.

Det. SUPT, Steven Dametto: “We are all getting very good at seizing drugs but it won’t make a difference in the long term as long as there is the current level of demand.”

The three men arrested will now face Sydney Central Court.

Claire Boughey, QUT News.