A cold snap is bringing wintery scenes and blustery weather to some southern states. And eventually some of it will make its way to Brisbane for our first real chill of Autumn.

Georgia Indian reports.


In Victoria, snow started falling in the Alps today.

Locals woke to sub zero temperatures, minus two degrees.

The cold weather is moving up the East Coast from the Antarctic.

And with it, damaging winds, rain and flash flooding which is causing delays around Melbourne.

Brisbane started the day with fog, clearing to a sunny day.

But the mercury will start plummeting as early as Saturday.

Weather experts say expect single-digit lows: possibly just five degrees.

Tony Auden, Meteorologist: “Daytimes sunny skies but there will be cold winds so tops around 22, 23 degrees, but if you’re out of the sun and in the wind it’s going to feel more like 15 or 16 degrees.”

There was talk of our coldest winter ever.

Tony Auden, Channel 7 Meteorologist: “You should take every forecast with a pinch of salt, even mine. Of course, start with the B0M and my forecasts with 7 News.”

With temperatures set to hit a cooler 15 degrees this weekend, retailers are expecting an influx of customers looking to expand their Winter wardrobes.

It would be a welcome change to the first half of the year, when retailers suffered a drop in sales.

It could also be good news for shoppers.

Lindsay Carroll, National Retail Association: “Department stores could be able to offer bargains and sales on important Winter products over the coming months.”

So it’s time to dig out those doonas Brisbane.

Georgia Indian, QUT News.