Hundreds of tiny tots ran amuck this morning in a special event involving messy play. Slime, paint and mud left the little ones grubby but happy.

Lauren Reddiex reports.


Strollers were left abandoned as kids got into the fun.

Playgroup Queensland hosted the sensory play event, which had almost 2,000 registrations.

And the kids quite literally got their hands dirty.

Gurpreet Kaur, Volunteer: “Like they want to explore sand, they want to explore rice and foam and slime.”

And the best thing, children of all abilities can enjoy the fun.

Stephen Alderman, CEO Playgroup Qld: “The good thing about sensory play is it’s about exploration. So for the children and families that come along there’s no right or wrong way of actually experiencing any of the activities. Whatever they do is okay.”

The words mud, paint and dye are what nightmares are made of for parents.

But all were on board.

VOX 1: “Getting messy and getting in it; that’s what growing up is all about. And it’s just great to have so much of a variety in the one spot that’s safe, that they can run around and have fun with.”

VOX 2: “It’s good because this isn’t the sort of thing we would normally do at home, so it’s really nice to be able to take her out and let her run amuck basically.”

The kids also had the chance to roll around with the circus and even sit in a police car.

With paint, slime and mud a plenty it’s been smiles all round.

But as organisers wrap up another successful event, parents’ thoughts turn to some very challenging laundry.

Lauren Reddiex, QUT News.