Bulldogs coach, Dean Pay, has spoken out for the first time since he was fined $25,000 for bagging referees. And AFL’s Nic Natanui has been suspended after rough play against Port Adelaide.

Kaileigh Carew reports.


After describing Canterbury’s loss to Brisbane as ridiculous and disgraceful, Bulldogs Coach Dean Pay has justified his actions, saying fans deserve honesty.

Dean Pay, Bulldogs Coach: “I think honesty is you know, an important part of the game. There’s no doubt about that but again, you know, from where I stand I just need to be a bit more selective with what I say.”

Tonight the Cowboys play the West Tigers where they’re expecting some backlash from fans following Scott Bolton’s indecent assault charge.

Paul Green, Cowboys Coach: “It’s definitely something, um we’ve all probably gotta be prepared for. Um, being an away ground and you know, their in fairly close proximity but um, but you know we’ve all gotta be mentally prepared for that.”

North Queensland haven’t won at Leichhardt Oval in 18 years.

To AFL and Nic Natanui has been banned for one match after a rough tackle on Port Adelaide’s, Karl Amon, who suffered a delayed concussion.

But he says he won’t be changing his playing style.

Nic Natanui, West Coast Ruckman: “I don’t think or feel like I need to change anything, like there was no malice in it, there was no aggression, agh and it was just a tackle I guess and that’s, that’s part of our game. It’s been part of our game since day one.”

Natanui will return in round nine, against Richmond.

Kaileigh Carew, QUT News.