There was a major shock in last night’s Budget for residents of the Redlands, east of Brisbane. A large parcel of land, supposedly earmarked for a future university will now be sold by the Federal Government to developers.

Tomson Calland reports.


The federal government has ignored the wishes of the Redlands community announcing last night that 100 hectares of prime koala habitat was to be sold to residential developers.

Karen Williams, Redland City Mayor: “Redlands is going to lose an opportunity to acquire a strategic parcel of land for a value that its actually worth.”

Don Brown, Labor MP: “I just wanted to protect it this is the last bit of bush land in the north of Redlands. It’s particularly important for our Koala population.”

The land had initially been intended for educational and community use but a change in plans could see 400 new homes instead.

The mayor says she’s doing everything she can.

Karen Williams, Redland City Mayor: “Today I’ll be speaking to Councillors to gauge their support to continue to negotiate with the government to try and get a better outcome for Redlands.”

While most locals have been shocked by the news the local Labor MP says he feared it was always on the cards.

Don Brown, Labor MP: “The Government made an announcement late last year that they were going to use excess commonwealth land for housing development.”

Tomorrow, Don Brown will meet state minister for infrastructure Cameron Dick on site. The two men will be discussing how best to stop developers getting their hands on the land.

Tomson Calland, QUT News.