The Brisbane Broncos are in cruise mode going into the double-header at Suncorp, this Saturday. At today’s training, it was all systems go. The team, put through their paces in the countdown to the weekend.

Daneka Hill reports.


It’s being described as a once-a-year blockbuster by the NRL and Tourism Queensland.

But at training this morning, the Broncos didn’t look phased by the part they’ll play in Saturday’s clash.

They’ll face off against the Manly Sea-Eagles.

Korbin Sims, Broncos player: “They are a class football side and a class act, I’m expecting them to bounce back this week.”

Recent injuries are at a minimum, the only drama being debut player Payne Haas’s balance problem.

Originally thought to be a sore ankle, it turned out the 18-year-old had lingering concussion.

The Broncos last beat Manly 24 to 14.

Sitting third last on the ladder, Manly will have a fight on their hands.

Korbin Sims, Broncos player: “We are getting good momentum, couple of wins on the run so – moving on this weekend the way we’ve prepared the last two sessions have been really good, so pretty excited.”

Straight after the Broncos, the Melbourne Storm will take to the field against the Gold Coast Titans, the match a second win for fans.

Suncorp’s double-header spectacle is on track to sell-out, just like last year.

Saturday’s game is the fourth and last of the double headers. It’s also Indigenous round this week, with all teams wearing new jerseys. The broncos are hoping for a big win.

Daneka Hill, QUT News.