The 2018 Budget is being called a ‘crowd pleaser’ at a post-Budget breakfast in Brisbane this morning. But some say Queenslanders have been gypped.

Teagan Matthew reports.


With 2,000 of Brisbane’s top business leaders up early for the annual Budget breakfast initial reactions were positive.

Vox 1: “I think it’s good for the country.”

Speaker after speaker all optimistic about Scott Morrison’s plan for the future.

Tom Seymour, PwC Managing Partner: “It fundamentally solves bracket creep for decades to come.”

Anna Bligh, CEO Australia Banking Association: “The Budget tells the country a story about itself and the story we’re being told is one that is optimistic.”

But the State Government remains unconvinced.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad had been slated to headline the breakfast this morning but pulled out at the last minute, instead choosing to hold her own conference across town slamming the budget

Ms Trad says Queenslanders are being neglected by Canberra.

Jackie Trad, Queensland Deputy Premier: “This budget is a hoax for Queensland.”

She says voters won’t benefit from the Treasurer’s plan until well after the next federal election and even then, they’ll be worse off.

Jackie Trad, Queensland Deputy Premier: “For some people in Queensland, $10 a week does not compare to the 50 to 70 to 100 dollar cut they will see from no more penalty rates they will see in their pay packet weekly.”

Some business leaders leaving the breakfast agree.

Vox 2: “I’m just not convinced that there’s enough in there to turn things positively quickly.”

Vox 3: “Overall, not as Tom said not fixing the balance sheet for Australia, which it needs to do.”

Teagan Matthews, QUT News.