A High Court decision took centre stage on day one of the Federal Budget sell. This morning, the court ruled dual British citizenship means one Labor Senator loses her seat. And in a House of tumbling cards, more soon got caught in the spill.

Grant Hayes reports.


Katy Gallagher was the first to go, the High Court ruling her ineligible to stand in the last election.

Just hours later, Rebbecca Sharkie’s head was on the chopping block.

Rebekha Sharkie, Centre Alliance MP: “The high court ruling in Gallagher is quiet clear. Consequently, I will resign from the Australian parliament today.”

It didn’t stop there.

Justine Keay, Federal Labor MP: “As a conseuqence of today’s decision I will be resigning my seat as the federal member for Braddon.”

Then, more carnage.

Josh Wilson, Federal Labor MP: “Under the new interpretation any prospective candidate must have their British citizenship deregistered before the close of nominations. In my case that was effectively impossible.”

The Member for Longman refused to take the decision lying down.

Susan Lamb, Federal Labor MP: “I will keep fighting because, Mr Speaker, I am not done.”

Attorney-General, Chris Porter was clear about what the result meant.

Christian Porter, Federal Attorney-General: “Those four people must resign, they must resign today.”

The result triggers five separate by-elections following Labor MP Tim Hammond resigning due to family reasons.

Grant Hayes, QUT News.