The future is bright for school students who have a disability. A new careers expo is underway in Brisbane. And the Fresh Futures Market at City Hall, is creating quite a buzz.

Kaileigh Carew reports.


The expo provides career and study options for people living with a disability.

It’s information sessions, stalls with freebies, and even puppies.

But importantly it gives students inspiration for their future endeavours.

Theresa Madson, National Disability Coordination Officer: “So the Brisbane Fresh Futures Market it’s a post school options expo for young people who have a disability who are planning what to do after school.”

Events like these are popular with families and friends who are likely to be helping the students with any decision, whether it be studying or a job.

It builds aspirations and knowledge for the people who need it most.

Vox 1: “But its definitely quite good, it gives you an idea of how your future’s gonna be like.”

Organisations like Mylestones Employment are here to ensure that people are aware that there is no barrier too big or small.

Mel Mcgookin, Mylestones Employment Intake Officer: “We work with them, you know, it might be interview techniques, it may be marketing them, you know to picking them up, taking them to employers also most importantly, when they gain employment is actually supporting them in employment.”

With hundreds of people walking through the doors, the opportunities are endless from support networks to APM Employment Services, this event really is highlighting the exciting opportunities available for those living with a disability.

Vox 2: “Look it gets old people excited about their future as well including me.”

Kaileigh Carew, QUT News.