Communities in Brisbane’s east are hoping they’re not left out of tonight’s budget. Funding for the new Brisbane Metro north and south rail link has sparked new calls for better public transport in the eastern suburbs.

Thomas McLaughlin reports.


The age long campaign for more buses across Brisbane’s east has been re-vitalised after the federal government announced it’ll cover one third of the cost of Brisbane Metro.

Labor says the move is necessary to ensure our public transport infrastructure can accommodate the increasing demands in the eastern suburbs.

Don Brown, Capalaba MP: “We can’t be building more and more lanes on the roads so we need to look to public transport for the solution.”

The MP is campaigning with Redland’s mayor for the State Government to undertake a business case for the Eastern Busway.

If approved, it’ll offer a direct line from Capalaba to the city, providing Bayside residents with the chance to shave minutes off their daily travel times.

Don Brown, Capalaba MP: “We’re calling on, in our petition with the Mayor Karen Williams, to get that ball rolling let’s move that from the Main Roads Department into building Queensland and get that business case.”

The Eastern Busway has the potential to expand into the Redland district.

Residents are urged to sign an online petition to raise awareness.

With the Bayside population expected to rise by nearly 50,000 before 2035, residents are calling on the government to tackle Brisbane’s already congested roads before its too late.

Thomas McLaughlin, QUT News.