The Eurovision Song Contest begins on Wednesday at 5AM Brisbane time. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

By Milly Dimitrijevic

Produced for online by Jorja McDonnell

Restaurants across Brisbane have caught Eurovision fever, and will be holding events to celebrate the song contest this weekend.

Macondo, in Sailsbury, is hosting a Eurovision dinner party – with an emphasis on party.

Restaurant co-owner, Mariam Taylor, says it will be a fabulous time.

“People will be coming to dress up. They’ll put the glitter on, they’ll put the headdresses on, and we’ll video them, which will then go to the SBS website”.

In support of Australia’s contestant, Jessica Mauboy, Mariam will make sure party-goers will get to see her perform, even if it means other singers don’t quite make the cut.

“We close at 10, so we’ll be open long enough to see her performance on Friday’s rebroadcast. The actual performance is at 5AM, so we’ll know if she gets through, and if she does, we’ll bo having another party on Saturday night”.

Closer to the CBD, the popular new venue Welcome to Bowen Hills is hosting a Eurovision food festival.

General Manager David Ashford says there will be plenty of places to watch the show, indoor screens and a large outdoor projector playing the broadcast to those who prefer to dine al fresco.

As for the fare on offer, Mr Ashford says the food is from a variety of competing nations.

“We’ll have Greek food, French cheese, Italian, British, we’ll also have Hungarian langos – I think it’ll be popular like out other events, and attract quite a cult following”.

The first of the two Eurovision semi-finals airs on WednesdayMay 9, at 5AM AEST on SBS

During the competition, SBS is hosting the hashtag #WeGotLove competition, where the winner will receive a special visit from Jessica Mauboy.